Brite Health Care is committed to our patient's success. A large part of that success is education. We believe it is important that patients understand their disorder and equipment, as well as the process and what should be expected.


Find a Brite Technician

Located throughout Texas, Brite patient technicians are always ready to help you become familiar with your new equipment and answer questions.

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Forms and Paperwork

Print and complete the forms you will need throughout your treatment. Completing paperwork before your appointment reduces stress and helps you focus on what matters.

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Sleep Disorders

Learn more about the different types of sleep disorders and their treatment. Find links to forums and other websites that focus on sleep disorder education.

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Pain Relief

Did you know that pain relief for some injuries and body aches can be provided without medication? Electrotherapy is a highly effective treatment for pain relief.

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Learn more about lymphedema and lymphedema compression therapy. Find links to forums and other websites that focus on lymphedema education.

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Back and Joint Injuries

There are a variety of ways to treat back and joint injuries to promote successful healing and treatment.

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Ask a Question

Do you have a question about your treatment, your insurance, or working with Brite? We would like to answer it for you. Call us at 281.945.4000 or submit your question online.

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